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Key marketing tools

Email marketing

Business templates, user friendly design tools

Landing Page

Content for target audience, increasing website traffic and lead conversion


Complete webinar software package that is result oriented

Marketing automation

Helping develop leads through automation of operations

Email list management

Lorem lipsum target audience, increasing website traffic and lead conversion

Email Templates

Lorem lipsum complete webinar software package that is result oriented

Email Marketing

Customization and other tools

Goal oriented email marketing

  • Creating and sending newsletters to target audience and to potential customers made easy with given layout.
  • Auto-response helps in better management of customer communication without hassles of manual input.
  • Design customized templates for communication and action-based emails for enhancing sales.
  • Inclusion of blog digest that automatically shares posts via emails.
  • Timed emails that can be sent at particular time for better business impact.
  • SMTP triggered emails for sending out reminders and receipts.

User friendly email designing

  • Customization of emails done easy due to easy layout.
  • Easy to view sections and layout to create customized content.
  • Design preview available on mobile devices and desktop.
  • Ability to integrate GIFs and stock photos within the design to enhance its appeal.

Ready to use templets

  • Free to use templets for better integration of customized messages.
  • Easy to browse through given designer templets to select for specific message.
  • Easy to build your own design gallery for email messages.

Utilizing subscriber data

  • Segregating segments as per your own criteria.
  • Presentation of dynamic content that is useful for your email marketing.
  • Perfectly timed tool available to use for delivering the message at the right time.

Email marketing for revenue generation

Increasing sales and revenue

  • Easy to integrate and add tools from your website.
  • Integration of your existing website products/ services.
  • Sending reminder messages to visitors who can be converted into customers.
  • Auto-recommendation of related products to increase revenue.

Online tools in one platform

  • Email integration within multiple tools for running multiple campaigns.
  • Driving traffic to targeted pages of your website.
  • Promotion of upcoming webinar through email marketing tools.
  • Integration of account with other platforms.

Collecting vital data

  • Gathering actionable data via email marketing tool.
  • Analyzing visitor behavior, clicks, page visit and time of visit.
  • Creating better subject lines for better response.
  • Tracking visitor and user behavior for better marketing.

Gathering campaign results

  • Automated reports readily available for gaining customer insights.
  • Scheduling of automated reports as per your own timing for analysis.
  • Choosing the frequency of generating reports.
  • Easy to understand graphs creation.
  • Checking campaign results on your fingertips any given time.

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Building customer relations

  • Automated message templates for better communication.
  • Customization of messages for target audience.
  • Welcome messages sent to chosen contact list.
  • Managing sending schedule/ event announcements ahead of time.
  • Send interactive content and follow up leads.


  • Enter contacts defining lists as per your own criteria.
  • Sending out communication as per the list defined.
  • Crafting of recurring emails with single messages to avoid duplication.
  • Automation of time based drip-series.
  • Sending customized messages to specific contacts in the list.


  • Timely tracking of automated communication and lists.
  • Tracking reach of automation at a given time.
  • Identification of best performing email messages.
  • Updating subject and messages in real time.

Email list management

Managing contacts

  • Building a two way communication with each contact on email list.
  • Engaging in meaningful communication to enhance customer relationship.
  • Sending out individualized messages.
  • Streamlined CSV upload.
  • Real- time update of contacts within the list.
  • Target list management and creation of dynamic segments.

Customized outreach

  • Automated importing of data with all the details of the contact.
  • Check on with individual contact engagement for better customer engagement.
  • Creation of well-designed segments targeting your insights.

Clean layout

  • Easy to understand layout avoiding complexities.
  • Keeping a track of each engagement enabling in scheduling communication.
  • Sending out scheduled messages for better impact and outreach.
  • Improve message deliverability through timely sending of messages.

Email testing

  • Automated check run regarding spam messages.
  • Email link validation check and preview prior to sending messages.
  • Running inbox previews for email messages ready to send.


  • Customized themes and email designs as per communication requirement.
  • Using HTML and drag and drop feature or using both for designing.
  • Building content module type as per contact.
  • Customizing each element within the email.
  • Accessing HTML without disrupting structural code.
  • Error-flagging available for quick edit and preview.
  • Syntax highlighting for error-free designing.
  • Easy collaboration between marketing team and developers.

Email Templates

Professional design

  • Choosing from pre-defined library of designs.
  • Ability to customize the design with your logo, copy and design.
  • No need to recreate email layouts repeatedly.
  • One design can be applied for all.

Responsive design

  • Sending messages that are personalized.
  • Customer and event centric messages customized as per requirement.
  • Editable content within the structural code.
  • Presentable content that is responsive in nature and is attention grabbing.

Editable templates

  • Changing and editing design within the code.
  • Developers can add their code to modify the design.
  • Adding visual changes within the templates.
  • Saving customized designs that can be used and applied on all emails.