How it works?

Building B2C contacts is not an easy task especially when you are looking for a solution that works in not only creating leads but also converting it into customers as well. Building a robust system that works 360 degree is not a day’s job neither it is something that can be handled manually as it is cumbersome. The best that you can do is opt for an Email Marketing Strategy that works with your business and provides you with custom email campaigns to the target audience.

  • Creating an email marketing strategy that doesn’t takes time to develop and work according to your business.
  • Ensuring that the message is not lost in sea of other emails that lands up in spam folder.
  • Building a strategy that impacts the psyche of the customer and they actually read the message.
  • Planning as per the customer dynamics and demographics that would ensure that your messages reaches to the right kind of audience it is intended to reach.

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Knowing how important it is to you that you reach out to your target audience without losing the old customers we have a plan for you:

  • Defining your audience that enables in creating tailor made email campaigns as per the interest of the audience.
  • Establishing campaign goals that are based on email stats as per the industry needs and use these as the benchmarks for creating your goals.
  • Creating a relevant email list that ensures that each section is well defined with individual groups as per their interest. Enabling in creating relevant content that would be of interest to them. There are several prospects to it.
  • We help you select the relevant email campaign type that enables in gaining the best out of our emails campaign plans.
  • Planning and scheduling is what we focus on, the deliverables are all dependent upon the right timing of sending out a message. Planning to communicate with customers in your email list and following a strict schedule as per our analysis is where we build trust with our associates.
  • Measurable results provided by us is all done through our meticulous planning with key metric in place that we use to strategize each campaign to yield large results.

Even if you are a small enterprise we still support you with our offerings of different plans that will ensure that even with a few customers in your hand you can begin building a large customer base with our strategic approach.

Creating Lead Magnet

We help in creation of a lead magnet through integration of various tools that are as follows but not limited to these:


Custom email templates



Look book

Reports / study

Email checklist

Custom content for communication

Smart tools with integration of various mediums


Mapping buyers journey

Analysis of target audience

Getting started with us will ensure that you are on the right track and communicating with your customers and creating potential leads that will benefit you in every way. After all it is all about how the customer feels connected to a specific brand that dictates their loyalty towards it.