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Getting started with WowSender


500 Emails / Month

  • Unlimited contact storage
  • Send email broadcast and basic analytics
  • Subscriber management
  • Email support


Perfect for startups


Monthly email volume:


5000 Emails

Everything in Sprout and…

  • No daily sending limit
  • A/B testing
  • Automated funnels and sequences
  • Email templates
  • Free migration from another tool
  • Live chat and email support


Perfect for marketing gurus and growing businesses


Monthly email volume:


12000 Emails

Everything in Accelerate and…

  • Email Heatmaps
  • Unlimited domains and email ids
  • Subscriber journey and scoring
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Send time optimization
  • Advance marketing automation
  • Custom email templates
  • Dynamic email content
  • Newsletter referral system
  • Work together (Upto 5 users)
  • Dedicated IP (Add-on)
  • Landing Page (Add-on)
  • Phone support


For high-volume senders who want all features

Everything in Growth and…

  • Custom volume of emails
  • Priority sending
  • Email delivery expert
  • Unlimited seats and account hierarchy
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Priority phone support
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Maximum security and compliance
  • And more…

*Many features mentioned above are coming soon

Amplify your WowSender with add-ons

Dedicated IP


flat fee/month

Available from Growth Plan

  • Auto IP Warmup
  • IP Reputation Management
  • IP Delisting
  • Improved Deliverability

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WowTransit Pro


Advance Deliverability
Instant Delivery

Email Verification Credits

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Questions & Answers

What if I outgrow my count of sending emails per month in a plan?

Well you have already taken the first step. That is you have had a vision of expanding your business. Congratulations! When you outgrow your email per month count we will notify you to upgrade to a better plan. You do not have to worry about a thing!

Which plan should I opt for?

This depends on your business and requirements. If you need to send around 50,000 emails per month and do not require any advance features, then you should definitely opt for the accelerate plan. Check out our plans mentioned above for more details.

Is WowSender really for me?

Well let us question you first. Are you a blogger or an e-commerce company? Do you have your own photography or music business? Are you a youtuber? Do you provide digital services? Or make physical products and sell them online?
If you have answered yes to any of these then WowSender is exactly what you need to know your customer and grow your business. You should use WowSender to engage your audience better through email and also use it as a tool for selling your products or services.

Is email marketing all WowSender can do?

No, not really. WowSender is also an excellent SMS marketing tool. You can target your audience now with the help of both emails and SMS. Learn more about us on
We help you reach out to your audience better without burning a hole in your pocket.

Is the Sprout plan really free?

No credit card is required to sign up for a WowSender Sprout account. As long as you’re sending less than 500 emails / month and you don’t need access to any of the features available in the higher plans, you can stay on the Sprout plan for as long as you like.
You truly won’t pay a cent until your email sending volume grows past 500 emails / month, at which point we’ll invite you to add your card details and upgrade to the Accelerate plan where you’ll get access to features that help you keep up that momentum and grow your business.