Transactional email

The type of email triggered by user response on a mobile or a website by the user; for example shipping confirmations, receipts, welcome emails, password reset, social media updates, account notification and invoices. These emails are sent through a pre-defined program by an SMTP server or an API.

For businesses it is equally essential to have this tool to enable better communication.

Why transactional email?

It is better to send a transactional email rather than marketing email due to the higher chances or response by the user. Often when marketing emails are just messages sent in bulk they end up in the spam folder, however, with transactional email, it is more of information requested by the user. Due to this transactional email has much higher response rate.

  • A one off email message designed to serve information to the customer.
  • Action oriented email that is tailor made for individual customer.
  • Smart emails tailored as per user requirement including features and add-ons.
  • Integration with your existing application.
  • Full support provided.
  • Taking proactive measures with email validation service.

We provide you with transactional email service that is customized as per your business needs. It is tailored as per the requirement of your services/ products and the messages are designed with action oriented tools for the user. We help you achieve higher delivery rates with our email service that avoids landing up your email in spam folder.

Template Designer

Dynamic email messages with all the useful action buttons and features are essential for the purpose of reaching out to the customer and to convert a lead into customer.


  • Designing editable email messages as per the requirement for instance an upcoming event announcement.
  • In-application collaboration of developer and marketing team having access to the content.
  • Modifying the messages and theme as per the sales pitch or information that is sent out.
  • Automatic storing and management of email content.
  • HTML editing or WYSIWYG editor for customizing emails.


  • Personalization of message as per location, language and images.
  • Building conditional formatting for better control over content.
  • Messages created as per listings defined and as per each individual when required.

Deliverability Tester

It is no surprise that often the emails sent to potential and even to customers end up in the spam folder. Not only this makes it harder to reach to the customer but also makes it difficult to improve your business outreach. However, with utilizing smart tools like deliverability tester solves the problem.

  • Identifying email typos and errors in email id.
  • Correction suggestions provided through automated service.
  • API running in real time to identify false entries.
  • Avoid using broken SMTP.
  • Sending out emails to valid email id.
  • Build and manage your own personal customer data that is fully protected.
  • Ensure your message is sent to the right customer and valid email id.

Email TXT Extraction Tool

A smart tool like email TXT extraction enables in seeking out email id within the content. At times it is hard to find the email address and for this purpose it is difficult to know where to look for it. With this tool all you need to do is copy and paste the content in the tool and the rest is all done automatically.

  • Easy to find and extract email address.
  • Duplicate email addresses are ignored.
  • Saves time and enhances efficiency.
  • Provision of premium plans to extract bulk email addresses at faster rate.

Subject Line Tester

It is not easy to catch the eye of the customer when you have sent an email message. Being articulate with regard to subject line is not a forte of many. So, it becomes essential to use a smart tool that does the trick for you.

  • Creating a better eye-catchy subject line.
  • Subject line defining the content of the email.
  • Short and crisp that does the trick.
  • Subject line that drives more response.
  • Converting potentials into customers.
  • Auto capitalization and title style subject line.
  • Well defined subject line for different purpose.