Why WowSender – Old

We begin with planning your email campaign with our focus on growing your customer list organically. With our strategic approach and incorporation of various tools we achieve result oriented outcome that is beneficial to you.

The following reasons will help you understand why choose us:

  • Our segmentation capabilities within CRM platform
  • Automation of functionalities and inter-operability of operations
  • Email regulations designed to serve the targeted purpose
  • Split test emails for enhanced email communication
  • Reputation build-up with existing customers
  • Analytics and reports provided through our system
  • Bringing clarity and forecast for steps to be taken further
  • Downloadable reports that can be used / referred to anytime
  • Availability of reports/ charts/ graphs and other information on cloud

Featured Resources

Our specialty is providing you with resources that we utilize in making your email campaign a success, these include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up of email marketing KPIs that determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
  • Deliverability to ensure that your message reaches target audience and not their spam folder.
  • Analyzing open rate and understanding the reach of email messages sent out.
  • CTR or click through rate to track the percentage of CTA.
  • Measures taken in relation to unsubscribes to understand your audience.
  • Adjusting various email elements for yielding better results.
  • Different variables utilized to enhance email campaign results.
  • Auto-check on hard-bounced emails to remove them from the database.
  • Evaluation of each email that should be in accordance to your brand and business.
  • Utilizing/ creating timely generated email marketing template report.
  • Combining the metrics of deliverability rate, CTR, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate for reliable report generation.
  • List segments created specially to enhance the effectiveness of targeted messages to individuals.

The way we handle our email marketing for your needs differ from that of what is provided within the market as we are aware what tools need to be used for desired result. Our focus is always result oriented and custom building for your business that shall bring you measurable results within a given time limit. Choosing Wowsender you will be moving up the ladder of success and will stay ahead in the competition, always one step further.